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Father's Choice

"Father's Choice" is the first in a series of fiction by Rhonda Hanson. Set in Nashville, Tennessee, "Father's Choice" is the story of Meredith, a beautiful, well-known singer with a heart as big as her temper is hot. She loves Father intensely but wars with her mouth and her tendency is to react, rather than respond, to others around her.

Joel Etheridge is Meredith's patient, long-suffering and understandably grim manager who has so successfully covered his heart that Meredith sometimes wonders if he can stand her. Theirs is a rocky, fragile and yet, enduring relationship. You will be drawn into what is on one level, a very human love story and on another, a touching picture of Christ and His Bride.

"Father's Choice" is endorsed by LuLu Roman, former star of "Hee Haw" and by Nancy Alcorn, founder and president of Mercy Ministries of America.

"Father's Choice" is currently available in both print and digital formats.

Father's Choice

"Father's Wings" follows "Father's Choice" and is book two in the three book "Father" series. It was completed by Rhonda Hanson some time ago, but tucked away until she felt it was time for its release.

Does Father have wings? Little Wally Greer's friend, Foster Ames, thinks "He flaps 'em when He wants to whip up a tornado" but Wally says they're "prob'ly more like tents".

This story seamlessly picks up where the first book ends and brings back Meredith and Joel, and others you will feel you have known all your life after having read "Father's Choice". In book two, you will meet new characters, as well, and enter into a world of spiritual warfare and intercession. Early reviews promise the reader that "Father's Wings" stands up solidly next to "Father's Choice" as an anointed work of fiction.

"Father's Wings" is currently available in both print and digital formats.

Father's Choice

"Father's Song" is book three in the "Father" series. This last book in the series weaves the final threads into this much loved tapestry. It reaches back from across former years and hints at years to come, with a bittersweet, lovely, but final chord. We take our last looks into the lives of Joel and Meredith and perhaps see a side of Father we weren't expecting. Does Father have a song? Meredith has always been sure that He does. She has heard Him singing lyrics to her from beyond a great distance, word just outside her understanding, that have to be felt, berore they can be heard. But what is His song? WIll she ever be allowed to know? "Father's Song" is currently available in both print and digital formats.

Father's Friend

Long before she became a famous, chart-topping recording artist, Meredith Clark was brutally wounded, insecure, and lonely; part little girl, part fragile woman. Just as she had fled a traumatic situation as a scared sixteen-year-old, she once again sought to put miles between herself and an abusive relationship. Piling everything she owned into her car, and stealing away from New Orleans in the middle of the night, she headed anywhere north, as quickly as possible.

Only making it as far as Grayson, a tiny northern Louisiana town nestled in Caldwell Parish, a blown-out tire and no usable spare put the frantic nineteen-year-old at the mercy of strangers, who not only took her in for the night, but insisted she stay with them in their home for as long as she needed to, while she rested and worked through her ordeal. It was here that Meredith, who had never known her father and who lost her mother when she was only a child, discovered what it was like to belong to a real family. It was here that she found that she could still laugh, that she could cry the kind of tears that brought healing, that she could share the gift of music with a nine-year-old little girl who loved her as much as if she were her own sister. It was here that Meredith met Father.

Father's Friend, although not part of the Father Series, which is comprised of Father's Choice, Father's Wings, and Father's Song, is a linked novel that takes the reader back to the beginning and peels back the layers of who Meredith Clark really is. It allows us to understand how someone who is her own deepest hiding place is able to reluctantly venture out into the open, while desperately clinging tightly to her Father's hand. She is slow to heal, slow to trust, slow to confide, but the music Father breathed into her has a life all its own and is stronger than Meredith's desire to remain hidden. She eventually braves the return to her childhood home, where those who frightened her are no longer a threat. What awaits her there will bring about circumstances that are used by her loving Father to lead her to her calling, to her purpose, and to love.

Although Meredith maintains a tough exterior and brandishes a dry and sometimes caustic wit, along with a sharp tongue, Father sees through it all, and will one day bring a man into her life who sees what He sees.

"Father's Friend" will be released February 19, 2024, in both print and digital formats.

Pahwoo"The Adventures of Pahwoo and her Friends" is a compilation of bed-time stories told by Rhonda Hanson to her grandchildren over a period of seven years.She recently captured them in print before they slipped out of her memory. An outlandish pink owl, an intelligent cat, a gentle goat, a chatty field mouse, and a pony who dreams of flying. These are the barnyard friends who fill the pages of this book with one adventure after another. "The Adventures of Pahwoo and her Friends" is currently available in both paperback and digital formats.