Ears To Hear

"What can I say? I love Rhonda Hanson! She has been a friend, a confidant and a prayer warrior for me for years! Honest to a fault (hahaha!), humble in spirit and just lovely to wear the name of "Witness"! I love Rhonda's music almost as much as I love her spirit; they both are committed to the truth and a firey love of getting "The Good News" to a world engulfed in bad news. Her ability to write and sing are amazing, she will bring you into the "Throne Room" and linger with you as you feel the love of a Father who wants to complete you. She is so different from the same old run-of-the-mill songwriter. She will touch your spirit and move your very soul. I know God smiles when she is ministering, I've felt this myself when I watch her and listen to this lovely, deep, uplifting, truthful soul sing. I am simply her BIGGEST fan!"

LuLu Roman, Entertainer/former star "Hee Haw"

"Rhonda Hanson is without a doubt the best Christian songwriter since Keith Green died. For those of you who feel a void whenever you hear Christian music on the radio or perhaps feel a let down when you listen to a new Christian CD, might I recommend Rhonda Hanson? Her music is anointed, powerful and most of all, moving. Listening to Rhonda Hanson is an experience you won't forget. All I can liken it to is a rekindling of all you felt when you first fell in love with Jesus. Listen to Rhonda, and fall in love with Him all over again."

Rick Hagans, Founder/President Harvest Evangelism, Inc.,
Teaching Pastor for Times Square Church New York, NY

"It's not difficult to say nice things about someone you love, believe in and want to see succeed; someone you have considered a friend for the past 20+ years. It's a privilege to recommend Rhonda Hanson to you. You may receive many requests and recommendations from Christian artists tocome to your church or city, so why should you be interested in Rhonda? The late Mike Yaconelli once said, "Christian musicians are not scientists,theologians, psychologists or sages. They are not saints. I can guarantee you they are dysfunctional, immature, selfish, irresponsible and flawed... just like me and you." Rhonda won't come to you claiming perfection, assuming she knows more about Jesus than you do, but she will come and share truth with humility. Rhonda Hanson loves the truth; simple, straightforward, passionate. God's truth can bring conviction and release healing. It can reveal hidden attitudes of the heart and set a path for release. God uses prophetic minstrels like Rhonda Hanson. Her melodic songs will stick in your mind and truths will linger in your heart...and the Spirit will move you toward a compassionate, patient Father God, who is lovingly redeeming and restoring His church. As a pastor, I get to see the transforming work that God does in His people and through His people and I have watched over the years as Rhonda has waited, struggled, given up, only to come back and press into Father and allow Him to refine her. She's still saying "yes" to Jesus after all this time. Rhonda has been waiting for a long time to speak the truth through her songs. The time is now!"

Jerry Bryant, Radio Personality/DJ
Full Circle Jesus Music

"Among the endless, candy coated, sermons that are weekly delivered from the pulpits of today's churches there is, on occasion, a message that cuts through to our hearts with a dose of reality. Lyrical content in the music industry seems to reflect this trend. Rhonda Hanson's sense of lyricism is that profound message. Her material is refreshing, straight to the heart and a spiritual awakening. Her words address issues in our Christian walk that we have become complacent to or have simply ignored. After listening to Rhonda I feel encouraged to live righteously and to change the things in my life that do not please God.  As a drummer, I have played in Rhonda's band and have also played percussion for her in "unplugged" sessions. I count both as an honor and a privilege. If it weren't for the nine hours of distance between us, I would pursue additional work with her. She, as a headliner, is gracious toward her group and worshipful in heart. She is a blessing to audiences, musicians, and I have no doubt, to Our Father."

Jackson Baugh, Kindred Nation

"Whitedove Radio has been playing Rhonda Hanson for two years. It never ceases to amaze me how the response from the listeners remains strong and fascinated. In some of her music, she says it "raw" because the message is clear yet loving. I have loved her from the get-go and continue to stop my work when I hear her music come up on the station and just listen to the message. Rhonda is one of a kind in all aspects. She is one we call in radio a given! We don't have to second guess the response. She is powerful and her love for the Lord shines through all she does. She will always have a place on Whitedove Radio."

Crystal Clear, DJ, WhiteDove Radio